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What is Lime Talk?

Lime Talk is a web-based application which enables you to communicate online with your visitors. Lime Talk enables you to add a widget onto your website through which you can communicata with your visitors and turn them into customers.

What is a widget?

A widget is a small customizable box that appears on your website allowing visitors to chat directly with a website operator. You can the Lime Talk widget on the bottom right corner of this website.

What is an operator?

An operator is a person who responds to your visitors' questions and communicates with them. You pay for each operator but not every user has to be an operator. See the question "What is the difference between an operator, admin and owner?"

Who uses Lime Talk?

Lime Talk helps people from all over the world to easily communicate with their website visitors. Lime Talk is for everyone – from a single entrepreneur who cares about his business to large companies.

Getting started

Can I try Lime Talk for free?

Lime Talk offers a full trial version for free. By registering, you receive 0.5 credits that will last for 15 days with 1 operator. If you would like to continue using Lime Talk, you can easily purchase additional credit (subscription) at any time.

How do I get started?

If you want to start using Lime Talk, please sign up. You will only be asked to enter your e-mail, name and password. That's all.

Do I need to download or install anything?

You do not need to install anything onto your computer. Lime Talk is a web-based service. Lime Talk is hosted on our servers and you only need to insert a short HTML code on your website. This code will be generated once you sign up.

Does the installation of Lime Talk on your website sound too complicated? We will be happy to install Lime Talk on your website for your if you order at least 6 credits (valued at USD 36). Find more information in the section Installation service.

Do I need a particular operating system or browser?

Lime Talk works under any operating system (windows, linux, mac os, ...) and under any browser. At this moment we do not support Internet explorer version 7 or lower. If you use this browser you might not be able to see the widget on your site. Everything else will be working fine.

How do I get the code on my page?

In your account, go to "Preferences" and select "Embed widget code on site" from the menu on the left side. You simply copy the code and insert it onto your site right before the </head> tag. If you have no idea what we are talking about here, please contact your website administrator, who should be able to help you in a couple of minutes.


Can I customize for a specific language?

Yes, you can. You can translate the widget texts (the part of Lime Talk that your visitors see on your website) into any language and insert any text you wish.

How do I change the widget appearance?

You can change it in “Preferences” -> “Chat settings”. You can change almost everything - appearance behavior, texts, colors, language, position of the widget, etc...

Can I have a different appearance on each page?

No, this is not possible at the moment. You have to select one appearance for all of the websites you run under your account.

Can I place the chat widget anywhere?

You can place the widget in the bottom right or bottom left corner of the browser. But if your visitor needs to change the position, he can drag and drop it anywhere else.

What if I only want Lime Talk on one page of my site?

No problem. Lime Talk appears only on the page you insert the widget code in. If you want it only on one page, simply insert the code on this particular page.

Can I put Lime Talk on more than one website?

Yes, the number of sites where you place the widget is not limited and you will not be charged any additional cost. You can also use Lime Talk on any number of domain names you own.

User account

I didn't receive a registration/invitation e-mail. What should I do?

Please check the SPAM folder in your mailbox. It is possible that the e-mail has been marked as SPAM. If you can't find it there, you can request it again through the lost password form.

I have forgotten my password. How do I change it?

Don't worry! Fill in your e-mail in the lost password form. We will send you an e-mail with a link. After you click on it, you can set up your new password.

My colleague didn't receive an invitation. Can I help them?

Go to the "Users" section in your client zone and check whether their e-mail address is correct. If it is, tell him to check topic "I didn't receive a registration/invitation e-mail. What should I do?".

What is the difference between operator, admin and owner?

There are three user roles in Lime Talk: operator, admin and owner.
  • The operator handles communication with website visitors.
  • The admin manages users and settings and has the right to delete a conversation history.
  • Owner - Additional rights for admin: has access to the section Payments (edit billing information, see invoices, purchase credits).
Every account must have at least one operator, one admin and one owner (it can also be one person with all three rights). Every user must have at least one role: operator or admin. When you create an account, you get all three roles.

There is a hierarchical structure in user roles (operator, admin and owner): the operator can only manage themself. The admin can manage (invite or remove) operators and admins. And the owner can manage (invite or remove) operators, admins and themself. When you are the admin or owner, you can't give up your admin or owner role. Only a different user with at least the same level of user rights can do this.

How can I delete my user account?

Click on your name in the top menu bar after you log in to Lime Talk client zone. You should see a link that reads: "Delete account". Be careful: if you are not the only user of Lime Talk and you wish to delete your user's account only (not your colleague's accounts as well), give the "owner" permission to any of your colleagues and ask him to delete your account. Your colleague can delete your account through "Users".


I have more operators. How does Lime Talk decide who gets a new message?

As the visitor contacts you, every online operator sees that there is an incoming message. As the first operator decides to serve the visitor, other operators see that the visitor is being served. Other operators can still follow the conversation and ask the serving operator to transfer the visitor to them.

Can the conversation be transferred to another operator?

Yes. If another operator asks you to transfer the visitor you are currently chatting with, you receive a transfer request and you can accept or refuse it.

Can I initiate a chat with a visitor myself?

Yes, you can! Just select the visitor you want to chat with in the list of visitors and start typing!

Can two operators share a conversation?

An unlimited number of operators can follow the conversation, but only one can communicate with a visitor. If another operator wants to take over the conversation, they must initiate a chat transfer.

What if I do not respond to the visitor on time?

You can set Lime Talk to watch how long it takes for a visitor to get his message answered. If nobody answers the visitor's message in a given number of seconds, Lime Talk requests the visitor to leave his email address so you can get in touch with him later. You can set this in client zone (menu "Preferences").

How can I close the conversation? What happens then?

Simply click on the "x" button in the top conversation bar. Visitors will see that you left the conversation. You can return to the conversation by clicking on the visitor in the list of visitors (if the visitor is still on your site).

If my visitor comes back, will he see the conversation history?

Each conversation begins when you (or your colleague) serve the visitor and ends when you (or your colleague) close the conversation in the client zone. Until you close the conversation, your visitor will see the conversation history even if he has closed the website in the meantime.

If the visitor comes back later, will we both be able to see conversation history?

You can easily find all the visitor's previous conversations directly in the chat session (in the history section on the right). But your visitor will not be able to see the history.

Communication through mobile devices

Can I communicate with my website's visitors through my cell phone or tablet?

Yes, Lime Talk can be used while connected to IM (“Instant Messaging”) applications that use XMPP/Jabber protocol. Due to this ability you can answer your visitors' questions not only through Lime Talk client zone but also using your cell/mobile phone (Android, iOS (iPhone), Blackberry, Windows phone, ...), tablet or other mobile device. To get an idea for how this connection works, please visit our tutorial “Connecting Lime Talk to Your Mobile Device”.

Which XMPP/Jabber account should I choose?

You may easily create your XMPP/Jabber account here: https://www.xmpp.jp/signup.

If you wish to explore other options feel free to check out this list: https://xmpp.net/directory.php.

Which XMPP/Jabber application should I choose?

There are a wide variety of solutions out there. So we have picked some and have tested them for you. We have verified flawless functioning with the following applications:
If you wish to explore further you may want to check out some of the applications from this list: http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/clients/.

How is it with online / offline status of my widget?

In order to be seen as online in your widget you need to be online either in Lime Talk client zone or in IM application or both at the same time. IM applications usually support many different statuses (online, away, invisible, offline). For proper functioning of Lime Talk we recommend using only online and offline statuses.

When will messages from my website's visitors be delivered to my IM and when to my Lime Talk client zone? What if I use both?

You just need to be online and you will receive your message. That is the same both in Lime Talk client zone and IM application.

Lime Talk client zone is a little smarter. When you use IM and in the middle of the conversation you switch to Lime Talk client zone you will still see the entire conversation history and may pick up the conversation when you left off using your IM application.

On the other hand, if you use Lime Talk client zone for communication and in the middle of a conversation you switch on your IM application you will not see messages in your IM application that were sent prior to turning it on. If you need to switch from Lime Talk client zone to IM during the conversation we highly recommend turning on your IM application first, waiting for at least one message to arrive from your website's visitor (to establish connection) and then leaving your Lime Talk client zone.

We do not recommend being online in Lime Talk client zone and IM application at the same time. In your IM application you will not see the message that you have sent through the client zone and this may create confusion. To sum it up, please turn your IM application on only if you need it to communicate.

Is it possible to initiate conversation through IM?

Unfortunately, this is possible only through Lime Talk client zone due to limitation of available technology.

With how many website's visitor can I chat with at the same time?

Each operator can have a conversation with up to six visitors, which is six parallel conversations. That is because we have only 6 available communication slots at this time. If you hit this limit we will be automatically notified and we will try to solve this issue for you.

What happens if I reach the maximum number of parallel conversations?
If a seventh website visitor is trying to start a new parallel conversation with you, you will not receive this message and it will be seen only in Lime Talk client zone. This is why you need to terminate conversations with your visitors as soon as you are finished chatting.

When will the conversation be terminated and the conversation slot opened?
  • The conversation will be automatically terminated when the visitor leaves your website.
  • You can manually terminate the conversation by sending a command through your IM application. Just type !close.
  • All slots will be opened when you sign off from your IM application.
  • You can manually terminate conversations by clicking the x symbol next to a conversation in Lime Talk client zone.

What if I have more than 1 operator using IM?

As soon as any website visitor sends a message all operators will receive it. Whichever operator responds first will start serving this visitor. Due to available technology limitations, other operators will not be immediately notified that the visitor is already being served. However if they try to send the visitor a message, they will receive a message that the visitor is already being served.

While using IM you cannot request to overtake a conversation from another operator. However, if another operator requests to overtake a conversation (through Lime Talk client zone) you will be able to confirm or reject the request.

What functions besides just typing messages can I use while using IM?

You may change your visitor's name and e-mail address by sending one of the following messages in this exact format:
!name { name } - changes visitor's name
!email { email } - changes visitor's e-mail
!note { text } - changes notes about a visitor
!reademail - shows visitor's e-mail
!readnote - shows notes about a visitor

If you are having a hard time remembering these commands, just remember that you can type !help at any time to refresh your memory.

Can I use predefined answer functions (shortcuts)?

At this moment this feature is not supported. If this is something you are interested in please let us know!

What do I do when I have successfully connected my Lime Talk account with my IM account, but widget is still offline?

Toggle your IM application status to offline and then back to online.

I have declined some requests from Lime Talk chatbots. What now?

You have two options:
  • You may unlink your account by sending !unlink message to any chatbot and then re-link your accounts again as described in the manual that you can access by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of Lime Talk client zone. This way chatbots will send authorization requests again.
  • You can manually add the following to your contact list:
    • bot1@jabber.limetalk.com
    • bot2@jabber.limetalk.com
    • bot3@jabber.limetalk.com
    • bot4@jabber.limetalk.com
    • bot5@jabber.limetalk.com
    • bot6@jabber.limetalk.com
Managing contacts using your IM mobile application can be quite challenging, so we recommend to install an IM desktop application and use it to manage your contact list.

How do I disconnect Lime Talk from my IM account?

You just need to send a message !unlink to any Lime Talk chatbot that you see in your IM contacts or you can manually disconnect by visiting Lime Talk client zone section that you access by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner.

Offline mode

What happens when I'm offline?

According to your settings, the widget is displayed or not. By default, it is displayed. Visitors see that you are offline and they can send you an offline message. Offline messages are delivered to you with a visitor’s e-mail address and you can reply to them at any time you choose.

How are offline messages delivered? How do I reply?

Messages are delivered to your account. All users can see them and those users who have the offline message notification turned on, receive an e-mail notification. Anyone can reply to a visitor through e-mail and mark the message as read. Because these replies are not stored in Lime Talk, it is useful to use the "mark as read" and "mark as unread" message status.

Can offline messages go to 2 or more e-mail addresses?

Yes, they can. The offline messages are stored in your Lime Talk account and sent by e-mail to all users of your account who have the offline message notification turned on.

Can Lime Talk not show up when I'm offline?

You can decide whether the widget shows up or not.

Payments & Billing

What payment methods do you offer? What currency can I use to pay?

We accept all commonly used debit/credit cards (payments are processed by secured payment gateway Skrill), bank transfer or PayPal.

You are free to choose any of the supported currencies (EUR, USD, CZK) and we will issue an invoice in the selected currency. If your card is issued using another currency, you can still easily pay and the conversion will be done automatically.

Do you need my credit card details?

We don't store your credit cards details. When you are purchasing credit, you insert credit card details directly in the Skrill (Moneybookers) widget. We don't receive your credit card information.

How much does Lime Talk cost?

The standard price is EUR 5 per month for each operator. The minimum purchase is set as EUR 30 at any given time. You can save up to 30% by purchasing more credits at the same time.

The underlying method of accounting within Lime Talk is the credit system. This means you can purchase subscription (credits) anytime you wish. If you spend more with Lime Talk at one time (either because you have more operators or because you are purchasing for a longer period of time), you get a discount. For more details, see Pricing.

How does subscription works?

The underlying method of accounting within Lime Talk is the credit system. Credits are added when you purchase a subscription (you will receive an initial 0.5 free credits when you register). 1/30 of a credit is deducted for each operator each day (that is 1 credit for each operator every month). You can purchase more credits (subscription time) at any time.

Can I change the number of operators at anytime?

Of course! The Lime Talk system will automatically adjust the remaining length of your subscription.

My credit is below zero. How is this possible?

Don't worry. This is because we don't disable account if you still have some credit. The last day of your credit usage can cause credit to go negative. If your credit is below zero, your account is already disabled and the credit will not go any lower.

How do you decide if I have to pay VAT or not?

  • Customers from around the world except those in the European Community (exceptions below): we do NOT charge VAT.
    • Customer from the Czech Republic: we charge VAT in all cases
    • Customers from the European Community, Monaco, Isle of Man and from the areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia: we verify your VAT ID (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vatRequest.html) before every credit purchase. If you are a VAT payer according to this registry, we do not charge VAT. In all other cases, we charge VAT.
    • Customers from Mount Athos, the Canary Islands, the French overseas departments, the Åland Islands and the Channel Islands, the Island of Heligoland, the territory of Büsingen, Ceuta, Melilla, Livigno, Campione d’Italia and from the Italian waters of Lake Lugano: we do not charge VAT.

Do you have a refund policy?

When you sign up for Lime Talk, we automatically provide you with free 0.5 credits and you can see for yourself what Lime Talk can do for you. After you run out of credit, you can purchase more. If you decide in the future that you are not satisfied with Lime Talk, please let us know. If you wish, we will refund all remaining credit in your account that has been bought within the previous 6 months.


The widget doesn't appear on my site. What is wrong?

  • Check whether the generated code is inserted in the right place (right before the </head> tag) and try reloading the page.
  • If it doesn't help, go to "Preferences" -> "Chat settings" in the Lime Talk client zone and check whether you have the "Display widget on desktop" and "Display widget on mobile devices" checked.
  • Please check that you are online as an operator in the Lime Talk client zone and check the status of the "Hide widget when offline" checkbox, which can be found in "Preferences" -> "Chat settings".
  • If you don't have credit, widget isn't being displayed regardless of any other settings.

My account was disabled. Why?

You have run out of credit. If you wish to continue using Lime Talk, you need to purchase subscription (credit).

My operators are unable to switch to online mode

If you have no more credit in your account, your operators will not be able to switch to online mode. Once you purchase additional subscription (credit), your operators will be available for conversation again.

I can't hear sounds. What's wrong?

Try another web browser. Our client zone doesn't support sounds in Internet Explorer 8 and lower.

Why am I getting a sound notification each time a visitor lands on my site?

You probably have the "Incoming visitor on page" sound alert turned on. This is to inform you that a new visitor is on your page (you can contact him). But if you have tens of visitors each minute, it can be annoying. To turn this off, go to your "My profile" -> "New message notifications" settings by clicking on your name in the top bar of Lime Talk client zone.

The report on my overview page doesn't show up.

Try another web browser. Some older web browsers don't support our system that draws the graph.