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How do I add chat to my website?

Do I need to download or install anything?

How does the free version work?

Can I add the chat on multiple websites / domains?

What if I have a multilingual site?

Can I have a different appearance on each page?

What if I want to have a chat only on a single page of my site?

Can I remove the Lime Talk logo from my chat box?


What if we’re offline?

What if I can’t respond to the visitor in time?

Can I initiate chat with a visitor myself?

I have multiple operators; who will receive the new message?

Can two operators communicate with one visitor?

Mobile Communication

Can I answer visitors via mobile?

What features are available while chatting on mobile?

What are the limitations of mobile chatting?

How about online, away, invisible, offline states?

What if I want to unlink my XMPP/Jabber account?

Troubleshooting: I set everything up, but the chat box is still offline.

Troubleshooting: I accidentally did not accept requests from all chat bots. What now?

Subscription and Finance

How does the subscription work – i.e. purchase and consumption of credit?

Can I change the number of operators or range of services at any time?

What happens if I run out of credit?

My credit is negative. How is it possible?

What payment methods do you accept? In what currency can I pay?

What decides whether I have to pay VAT?

Refund policy

User Account

I haven’t received my registration confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

My colleague did not receive an invitation. What is he supposed to do?

What’s the difference between operator, administrator, and owner?

How do I delete my user account?


The chat box does not appear on my page. Why is that?

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