Connecting Lime Talk to Your Mobile Device

Lime Talk supports communication via XMPP/Jabber protocol.

This article contains general instructions on how to set up Lime Talk on your mobile, regardless of platform. For device-specific instructions, you can look here: Installing Chat on Apple (Trillian) or here: Installing Chat on Android (Xabber).

What you will need

To set up Lime Talk on your mobile device, you need three things:

  1. Lime Talk account
  2. XMPP/Jabber account
  3. XMPP/Jabber application installed on your mobile device

1. Lime Talk account

If you don't have one yet, just sign up sign up.

2. XMPP/Jabber Account

You may easily create your XMPP/Jabber account here Xabber or here XMPP JP or here JabbIM. Just choose a username and password, verify that you are not a robot and click “Register”. If your chosen username is available, you should receive a message confirming successful registration.

3. XMPP/Jabber Application

XMPP/Jabber is an open platform, so several applications are available for each operating system. We have tested some of them for you:

Android: Xabber
iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod): Trillian (registration with Trillian required)

In the same way, you can link Lime Talk to a desktop application. This is useful when you don’t want to have web browser with the Lime Talk client zone permanently opened.

Windows:, (registration with Trillian required)
OS X (Mac):,

Final Step: Connect your XMPP/Jabber application with your Lime Talk account

  • Log into Lime Talk client zone.
  • Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Communication through mobile devices.
  • There you will find an authorization code which you will need later in your XMPP/Jabber app.
  • Open the XMPP/Jabber app and add the address “” as your new contact.
  • Once you have added “” as your new contact, send it a new message with your authorization code. The message should look something like “!setup 743876556c4b716167773d3d”.
  • Right away, you will receive a confirmation message and another 5 Lime Talk contacts will ask you to add them in your contact list. Accept their requests. Each of these contacts (called “bot”) will serve as a connector for one of your visitors you can chat with. Lime Talk has 6 chat bots, so you can communicate with up to 6 visitors at a time.

From now on, just be online in your XMPP/Jabber app and visitors will see you are online on your website. Once a visitor sends you a message, you will receive notification in your app. If you want to be offline, just log out of the mobile app.