How to use shortcuts (repeated responses)

If your visitors ask similar questions over and over again, the shortcuts feature will save you a lot of time. You can save the answers you use frequently and Lime Talk will remember them. You can also save the greetings and signatures you frequently use. We do not limit in any way the number of shortcuts you can save.

Go to the section Preferences -> Shortcuts of your Lime Talk Client Zone and save your most frequently used answers together with a customizable shortcut that you will use to send this answer.

Let’s assume you frequently send the following message: ‘Hi, how can I help you?’. You can save this text to shortcuts and, as a shortcut to write this message, you choose ‘hi’.

Whenever you need to use your pre-defined answer, just write the slash symbol (/) followed by the shortcut you have chosen (for example /hi) into the communication window and press enter. Your pre-defined phrase will be entered in the communication window, where you can edit it before you send it to your visitor.