Canned Responses

If the answers to your visitors are often repeated, canned responses will save you time. You can save your most frequently used answers or just a greeting or signature. Moreover, we do not limit the number of canned responses, so you can save as many as you need.

You can find their settings in Settings -> Canned Responses. There you define individual answers and choose a shortcut for each of them. Canned responses are shared with all of your colleagues.

Let’s say you often write “Hello, can I help you?”. You will save it in the canned responses and select “hi” as the shortcut.

When you need to use the answer, type the slash symbol, followed by the shortcut (in our example /hi) and press enter. You can edit the message and then send it. See the figure below.

Use of a canned response
Use of a canned response

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