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Visitor details

Visitor 903122

James Smith

Visitor 213904

Realtime visitor overview

Get overview about your visitors

Lime Talk will show you an overview of all visitors on your website. For each of them you’ll see a geographic location, how long they have been on your site, where they came from, and which page they are currently browsing. You can save additional information.

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Fully customizable

A chat widget that fits your needs

Customize your chat to better match your site. You can set up any color and text, add photos, and choose the best design. Show your customers real humans ready are behind the chat!

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Customizable chat widget
Automated messages

When visiting /shopping-cart

After 2 minutes

Can I help?

Automated messages

Engage the attention of your visitors

Reach customers at the right moment with personalized messages. For example, only those who hesitate more than two minutes on your conversion page. You can create the rules according to your individual needs - in order to close the deal.

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Reply from mobile

Chat with your customers on the go

Do you spend a lot of time on the go or anywhere outside your computer? You can answer your customers from your mobile or tablet.

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Mobile app icons


Chat widget on mobile

Type your message here...

Fully responsible chat

Mobile optimized

Your customers can seamlessly chat with you on mobile devices. Chat widget adapt to the size of the visitor’s device. Even on mobile you can use Lime Talk as a powerful sales tool.

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Operator’s performance and conversion overview

Keep track of how often you have been available to your customers and how many chats you have served. You can activate the Google Analytics event tracking for advanced measurement of each individual operator’s performance.

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Operator’s performance statistics
  • John Williams
    57 chats
  • Michelle Scott
    46 chats
  • Oscar Brown
    21 chats

Full feature list

One plan with all the features. No packages, no limitations. You can try all features in a free trial.

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Basic properties Basic properties

  • Conversation history Unlimited
  • The number of monthly conversations Unlimited
  • Concurrent chats Unlimited
  • Multiple website support Unlimited
  • Fast customer support Checked

Communication Communication

  • Web dashboard Checked
  • Communication through mobile Checked
  • Realtime visitor overview Checked
  • Detailed visitor information Checked
  • Automated messages Checked
  • Shortcuts Checked
  • Chat transfer between operators Checked
  • Operator-initiated chat Checked
  • Chat transcript Checked
  • Status “Typing...“ Checked
  • Sound notifications Checked
  • Desktop notifications Checked

Chat customization Chat customization

  • Operator avatar Checked
  • Custom icon or company logo Checked
  • Chat design and position Checked
  • Custom colors Checked
  • Custom texts Checked
  • Multi-language support Checked
  • Pre-chat form Checked
  • Customizable offline form Checked
  • Mobile optimized Checked
  • Customizable chat bubble Checked
  • Chat control via API Checked
  • White-labeled chatbox On request

Other smart features Other smart features

  • Statistics Checked
  • Google Analytics Connection Checked
  • Visitor banning Checked
  • Operator inactivity detector Checked
  • Visitor notes Checked

Security Security

  • Secured by SSL encryption Checked
  • Data centers in the EU Checked
  • User access rights Checked
  • GDPR compliant Checked

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