Talk to your visitors

Visitors of your website are online and are eager to chat with you! Start talking to them online at the very moment they are interested in your product.

Lime Talk allows you to see in real-time when a visitor comes to your website. You can see the product they are interested in and most importantly, it allows the visitor to ask any question, which you can answer instantly.

Don't let your customers wander around your website - make sure they know you really care about their business and make a sale!

Automatically triggered messages

You can pro-actively approach your customers just as easily as your customers are able to send a message to you. Set your own rules, which Lime Talk will use to automatically trigger a message from you.

Easy installation

No download, no installation on your computer. Implementation has never been easier!

Once you sign up, the only thing you need to do is insert a short piece of HTML code onto your website. Immediately you can talk with your visitors!

Does the installation of Lime Talk on your website sound too complicated? We will be happy to install Lime Talk on your website for your if you order at least 6 credits (valued at USD 36). Find more information in the section Installation service.

Full customization

Do you want Lime Talk to match colors of your website? Do you want to choose the exact text which your visitors see before they start talking?

Lime Talk is fully customizable and you can choose any color or text you want. So just sign up for Lime Talk and find out for yourself.

Communication through mobile devices

You can answer your visitors' questions not only through your web browser, but also through your cell phone, tablet or other mobile device. Lime Talk is compatible with any jabber application.

So you can be available for your website visitors even when on the road!

Team support and reporting

Are there more people in your company that take care of customers? You can invite any number of your colleagues to use your Lime Talk account.

They will all be able to see how many visitors come to your website and when they do so.

Sharing an account with your colleagues enables you to be online when your visitors browse through your website. Communication can be transfered between colleagues. Talking with your customers has never been easier!

Full feature list

Monthly conversations Unlimited
Concurrent chats Unlimited
Chat history Unlimited
Online visitor monitoring
Chat transfer between operators
Communication through mobile devices
Customize all text
Customize colors and themes
Operator's avatar
Mobile-optimized chat widget
Shortcuts Unlimited
Auto triggers Unlimited
Operator-initiated chat
Chat transcript
Visitor banning
Sound control
Desktop notification
Inactivity detector
Typing message status
Visitor notes
Unlimited websites
Offline messages
Hide widget when offline
Google Analytics event tracking
Strong security (SSL encryption)
GDPR compliance
White label - hides Lime Talk logo Optional

Client zone preview

This is a Lime Talk client zone preview. You can use client zone to reply to your website's visitors and also to take advantage of all the feautres Lime Talk offers. Sign up for free and check it out!

Lime Talk client zone