Get visitor’s e-mail

Sometimes, a visitor will send you a question when you are busy, and you will not be able to respond in time. To be able to respond to a visitor even if they leave your site, Lime Talk can automatically ask him to fill in an e-mail address.

Lime Talk asks the visitor to enter an e-mail
Lime Talk asks the visitor to enter an e-mail address

Lime Talk can ask the visitor for an e-mail address only if the operator fails to respond in time or even before starting the chat. The entered e-mail address is saved to the visitor information and you will see it in the conversation window.

The settings can be found in the client zone in Settings -> Chat Settings and have two uses:

  • Operator inactivity detector - If you set the time to more than 0 s, Lime Talk keeps an eye on the operator to respond to every visitor message in the time you set. If the operator fails to do so, Lime Talk asks the visitor to leave an e-mail address.
  • Get an e-mail address before starting a chat - If you set the time to 0 s, it behaves a little differently. Lime Talk asks the visitor to fill in an e-mail address before the conversation begins - that is, before the visitor sends their first message. This way, you can, for example, build your e-mail list.

    You can edit the text displayed to the visitor in Settings -> Widget texts.

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