White label chat for your website or e-shop

The most affordable non-branded chat on the market. 1000+ customers chat every day through Lime Talk - an online chat that helps turn visitors into customers.

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Hello, can I help with the order?

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The most affordable white label chat for web

Let your brand stand out

Add a chat to your website or e-shop that blends in with your corporate identity. We offer a chat without the “Powered by” label that fits beautifully into your site. Customize the look, texts, and colors. Please contact us to activate non-branded chat.

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Overview of your website visitors

You will see exactly who is on your website

With Lime Talk chat, you get a realtime overview of your website visitors. For each, you’ll see the approximate location, the page they are currently on, and other useful information.

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Visitor details

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Proactive conversation

👋 Can I help?

Higher customer satisfaction

Offer first-class support to your customers

Don’t lose customers who are already on your website. Offer them help and win their business. Use automated messaging and measure how chat helps to improve your sales conversions.

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Chat for all platforms

Works on any website

Installation in just a few clicks. Whatever your website or CMS platform is, Lime Talk will work beautifully on it, in just minutes. Anyone can install it!

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4.8/5 Capterra logo
5 stars

“Makes it super super easy to chat with the people visiting on your site.“

Jackie H.

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The most affordable white label chat for websites and e-shops

Start chatting with your customers right today and offer them great support.

“Easy to use, intuitive system and perfect for quick customer care... I highly recommend using!”

Petra S.