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Cool chatbox for a great price. 1000+ customers chat every day through Lime Talk - a chatbox that turns visitors into customers.

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Hello, can I help with the order?

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Sure! Happy to help!

Lightning fast communication

First-class support for your customers

Chat with customers on your website. Answer their questions, get feedback, and improve the user experience. Chat is the most popular form of communication.

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Realtime visitor overview

Get an overview of your site visitors

Lime Talk chatbox will show you who is browsing your website. For each visitor, you will see the geographic location, which page they are currently viewing, how much time they have spent, and other useful information.

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Visitor details

James Smith

Proactive conversation

👋 Can I help?

Increased sales success

Same traffic, higher profits

Engage visitors at the right moment. Automated messages help you start new conversations that lead to sales. You set the rules yourself.

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Easy to install

Chatbox for any website or e-shop

With just a few clicks, you have a chatbox on the web - whether you’re using an extensive ecommerce solution or a simple website.

Installation tutorials on some platforms
4.8/5 Capterra logo
5 stars

“Makes it super super easy to chat with the people visiting on your site.“

Jackie H.

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Your customers are on your website right now

Answer the questions that determine your sales. You can have a chatbox on the web in minutes.

“Easy to use, intuitive system and perfect for quick customer care... I highly recommend using!”

Petra S.