How do you increase your conversion rates?

You can invest your money in advertising, but does that make any sense if you can’t keep your visitors on your site long enough to finish the purchase? Absolutely not, despite seeing this scenario happening over and over again at so many websites. Use your knowledge and get ahead of your competitors! Invest in online live chat for your website and turn your website’s visitors into customers!

There are many advantages that e-shop websites have over old-style stores. Nevertheless, there is one big disadvantage: you are not able to be in direct contact with your customers, and that creates a huge communication gap. Thanks to Lime Talk, you can get over this communication barrier.

Lime Talk enables you to be really close to your online customers. It gets you to know your customers’ behavior better, help them when choosing the right product, answer their questions and get valuable feedback. And through this, you increase customer satisfaction and online sales conversions.

Get to know your customers

When you start engaging in conversations with your customers, you start to understand the people that visit your website. Using this new information, you can make changes to your website or even change some of the products you offer.

Help your customers decide

You have been there. You are searching online for some product or service you are interested in. You’ve pretty much decided on one of the two alternatives, but you are still unable to decide. How would an advice from an experienced sales assistant help you? Do not let your customers be in the dark. Install Lime Talk chat on your website and give them a helping hand.

Answer questions your customers ask

Not every customer finds the information he or she is looking for on your website. Not all information may be sufficiently comprehensible for your customers. Give your customers an opportunity to ask a question and find out what they are interested in. Gain a valuable advantage over your competitors. Be available when your customers need you!

Get valuable feedback

When was the last time you were browsing some website and found that that there was simply something missing? Did you e-mail to the webmaster or website owner? You know what that takes. You must find and copy their e-mail address, open your e-mail, create a subject line, say “Hello” and write a couple other lets-be-nice lines and finally write the really important thing that you wanted to say all along. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just click and immediately write what you want to say? This is what Lime Talk is all about. It is time to give your customers the opportunity to quickly let you know what they need!

Your customers will let you know what they need if you give them the chance!

Increase customer satisfaction

Thanks to Lime Talk, you know when your customers are returning to you. If you have already had a conversation, Lime Talk will tell you how many times the visitor has already been to your website, the location of your visitor and what exact webpage is being viewed at the time. Using this information, you may get a better idea of who the visitor is, and you may also decide to write to your customer first.

Starting conversation with your visitors is an effective marketing tool, and you don’t need to be afraid that it will be time consuming. With Lime Talk, you may easily set automatically triggered messages that will start conversation with your customer without you spending any time on it. You will then take over the conversation once a customer replies.

Increase sales conversion

Final question: Why to go through all this? For your customer satisfaction and in order to be another step ahead of your competitors. And finally, of course, Lime Talk will help gain you more revenue while investing no more money in advertising and your website!

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