Get started with Lime Talk Client Zone

Are you new to Lime Talk Client Zone (picture below)? This article will get you started!

Lime Talk Client Zone
Lime Talk Client Zone


The main menu looks like the picture below. You will find a conversation history, various preference settings, etc. At the right side of the top menu, you can set your online/offline status (the status your visitors see on your website) or you can log out completely.

Lime Talk Client Zone top menu
Lime Talk Client Zone top menu

Go ahead and check out all of the sections found in the top menu – it is easy to find your way around. In the next part of this article, we will focus on the more important part of the Client Zone: communication with your website’s visitors. From now on, we will assume that you are the one communicating with your visitors, meaning that you are assigned operator privileges (which is the default setting). If you do not have operator privileges, your Client Zone will be missing the options described in the next part of this article.

List of visitors who are online on your website (right side)

List of visitors

On the right side of your Client Zone, you see all visitors that are currently browsing your website. At the top, you see the visitors that you are currently chatting with or that have recently sent you a message. The rest of the visitors are sorted by the amount of time they have spent on your website.

To get more information about the visitors, each one is assigned a colored label and a colored vertical line. What does this mean?
Active – visitor who is currently browsing your website
Idle – visitor has your website open in a browser but is not currently browsing your website
New message – visitor that has recently sent you a message
Served – visitor is being served by an operator

Each visitor’s name is black. When you click on the visitor’s name, it becomes blue and the visitor’s name will be added to a list at the bottom of the page (more information below) and a communication window will appear in the middle of the Client Zone.

The visitor whose communication window is currently open is displayed with a gray background.

List of open conversations (bottom part)

At the bottom part of Lime Talk Client Zone, you will find a list of visitors with whom you have an open conversation. It looks like the picture below.

List of open conversations
List of open conversations

This list contains all visitors with whom you have a currently open conversation, including those that have already left your website. If the visitors leaves your website, their name will become black.

The visitors whose communication windows you have currently open are displayed with a gray background – the same color as in the visitors list on the right side of Client Zone. A green horizontal line indicates that the visitor is being served by an operator and a red label displays the number of new messages. You can use the ‘X’ sign to close the conversation with a visitor.

Visitor communication window (in center)

Whenever you open a conversation with a visitor, a communication window will open over the main part of Lime Talk Client Zone. In the upper right-hand corner, you can use the ‘_’ button to minimize the window to the bottom list of conversations in the bottom part of Lime Talk Client Zone or use the ‘X’ button to close the conversation.This works in the same way as Windows in your operating system.

Visitor communication window
Visitor communication window

What can you find in the communication window?

  • In the upper left-hand side, you find basic information about the visitor that you can fill out. Name and email address can also be filled out or changed by your website visitors. Notes are just for your use and the visitor does not see them. TIP: To save new information, press enter.
  • In the bottom left-hand side, you see information about the visitor.
  • In the center upper part, you see two important tabs: Chat (this is where the conversation with the visitor takes place) and History (a history of the conversation with the visitor is saved there).
  • In the middle part, you will find a window that displays the current conversation; below that, you have a text edit area that you will use to write your message to the visitor.